3m Adhesive Sprays


3M offer an excellent range of spray adhesives, specifically designed for different uses:


3M Spray Mount: A transparent aerosol adhesive for artwork, paste-ups and layouts. The Number 1 studio adhesive, clear and non-staining, the secure bond allows for initial repositioning and removable if required. Guaranteed not to wrinkle or go brittle with age. 200ml and 400ml cans.


3M Photo Mount: A strong permanent adhesive for mounting photographs, maps and illustrations. 200ml and 400ml cans.


3M Display Mount: A heavy duty contact adhesive for display and exhibition work. 400ml cans.


3M Craft Mount: Ideal for bonding paper, card and fabric to non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal or ceramic. Dries fast yet allows a degree of intial repositioning. 200ml and 400ml cans.



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3m Spraymount Adhesive 200ml Can
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